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Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

 In 2003 Ezrat Avot introduced the 'Meals-on-Wheels' program in order to deliver nutritious meals to the homebound.


Many elderly suffer from poverty and loneliness and due to illnesses are unable to cook for themselves. Under this program we supply healthy meals free of charge for homebound elderly and sick.


Our food is specific to their needs. Many elderly suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems and require a special diet. The chicken, fish and vegetarian meals we provide are low-fat, low-sodium and sugar free. They do not contain preservatives and meet the needs of these elderly.


We currently provide 980 meals a week! Once the Seniors Health and Life Enrichment is completed this number will greatly increase as our capabilities expand. The meals are free of charge to persons who are eligible.


We are grateful to the organizations that help to finance this wonderful project:

Latet, Pe'er li, Bridges for Peace, Slomo and Silvie Silvian fund and, of course, Chef  Shalom Kadosh of Fattal chain of Hotels who has for over thirty years provided gourmet food for the home-bound for Shabbat and holidays.


Through all the years, faithful volunteers have cheerfully given their time to wash, peel and cut the vegetables for our cook. They also pack the prepared meals into trays that are frozen and made ready for delivery.


Our volunteers are our treasure and we couldn't fulfill our goals for the elderly without their enthusiastic input. There aren't sufficient words to describe their value, nor express our gratitude to each one.


The cost of a daily meal for one person is currently $213 for a month, and $2,556 for an entire year.


Please support the meals-on-wheels project of Ezrat Avot. You can make a donation by  pressing here.


You can also support our Meals-on-Wheels project by becoming a volunteer and we would gladly welcome your participation. If you wish to join our volunteer program, please   press here.


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