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Ezrat Avot encourages awareness of the importance of  giving back to the community. We are delighted to be the intermediary for volunteers who want to give of their time and talents.


Volunteers at Ezrat Avot enjoy the opportunity to spend quality time having fun with family and friends while immersed in work of pure Chessed

From all over the world volunteers with hearts of gold gather in Jerusalem at our Center to support this noble cause.  The Ezrat Avot volunteer family includes a wide range of ages from youth to seniors representing diverse cultural backgrounds.  Everyone is committed to the revered cause of helping the elderly to age with dignity.

As we too age, let us remember that this will be to our benefit as well as of generations to come.

Words fail to adequately express our profound gratitude to our devoted volunteers who give so generously of their time and energy. It is important to note that the majority of our activities are completed by our invaluable  volunteers, thereby maximizing donations directly for the elderly. 

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