Young and old have become a part of the Ezrat Avot family through their volunteer efforts.  It is a pleasure to encourage the awareness of giving to others and show concern for those who are struggling.


We welcome new volunteers and are pleased to provide opportunities for service and good deeds.


Some of our volunteers wash, peel and cut the vegetables for our cook who prepares the food for the “Meals on wheels” program.


Other volunteers, clad in aprons and disposable gloves, dish the food into special trays and label them accordingly.


The meal trays are frozen and a full week's supply of meals are then packed by another group of volunteers who label the packets for each recipient making them ready for delivery.


A separate group of volunteers pack staples and additional dry goods packages for families in need which are distributed in time for Shabbat.  Customized grocery packets to provide the necessities for each holiday are packed each year and many ask to participate in the task. It is a special privilege to guarantee that needy families can also fully enjoy their holiday. 


We are always looking for volunteers to deliver the meals in a discreet and friendly manner.


You are welcomed and encouraged to join the Ezrat Avot family of volunteers. Please fill in the volunteer form below and we will be in touch with you.


Ezrat Avot warmly welcomes all who want to join the Ezrat Avot family of volunteers and greatly appreciate the organizations that encourage their students to volunteer.


Ezrat Avot greatly appreciates the hard work and commitment of each one of our volunteers throughout the years. Thousands have volunteered over a period of four decades since Ezrat Avot's inception in 1976. We are grateful to each one!


Our volunteer community is wide and diverse. Young and old, volunteers from different backgrounds, some from Jerusalem and some who travel from surrounding cities, like Beit Shemesh or Elad. Some are students, some have just made an Aliya and some manage to volunteer during their holiday in Israel.


Ezrat Avot is especially grateful to Sha'alavim, Kivunim, Tomer Dvorah and MMY seminaries as well as the Netiv Aryeh Yeshiva who encourage their students to volunteer with Ezrat Avot. It is a pleasure to receive student volunteers from these exceptional organizations.

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