I loved volunteering at Ezrat Avot. Very warm atmosphere and its amazing knowing I'm partaking in a program to help the elderly. This program has been helping the elderly for generations and its great to be a part in helping with it.

Sara Schwerd

Tomer Dvora student

I am so happy I decided to do chessed at Ezrat Avot.  Working here has been so rewarding. I made so many new friends and we shared so many stories. I am so proud to be

part of this beautiful family.

Shoshana Bursytn

Tomer Dvora student

Volunteering at Ezrat Avot was a really amazing opportunity! I got to help out the elderly community which was really rewarding.  Thank you Ezrat Avot for everything you do and giving us the pleasure of working here.

Elisheva Sternglass

Tomer Dvora student

We truly enjoyed having the privilege to come to Ezrat Avot during our free time! We always looked forward to coming here. The experience was very meaningful to us that we get to give back to the community. Coming here really taught us that the little things make a huge difference.

Thank you for always making us feel welcomed!


Melissa Chiger & Miriam Brick

Sha’alavim for women students

We really enjoyed our time volunteering at Ezrat Avot. The staff was always so warm, welcoming, accommodating and helpful. We really felt like we were making a difference and giving back to the community. Volunteering at Ezrat Avot was the highlight of our week and we always looked forward to coming. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing opportunity. 



Miriam Boim, Tova Weider, Naomi Eisner

Sha’alavim for women students

I volunteered at Ezrat Avot throughout my year in Yeshivat Hakotel (5774).

I witnessed firsthand the kindness and care that was provided to those in need, and have always remembered those moments as inspiration

to me personally.  


When deciding where to allocate our Maaser money from our wedding, my

wife Melyssa and I prioritized Ezrat Avot. Our donation is a small piece of our gratitude to the institution, and we know it will be utilized wisely.  


Thank you for your tireless efforts,


Melyssa and David Mandelbaum

Our time at Ezrat Avot has been such a life changing experience. When we signed up to volunteer here, we didn’t really know what to expect, but after spending the past few month here we really feel the difference we’ve made. Knowing we made an impact on other people’s lives, has made an impact on our own lives. It has been such a privilege coming here every week and we thank you for the opportunity.


Rebecca Katz & Aliza Pollock

Sha’alavim for women students

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