The Seniors Health and Life Enrichment Center is a six-story building currently under construction that will greatly expand our services to a broader segment of Jerusalem's senior population. The Center offers life enrichment programs, workshops and volunteer opportunities, health awareness and maintenance, as well as professional and economic assistance.


There will be specially tailored programs to meet the needs of the elderly with a strong emphasis on Intergenerational Programs encouraging the generations to learn from each other.


The Center will provide warm nutritional lunches to those who partake in the seniors' club and a café offering a pleasant and friendly environment for seniors to meet prior to a lecture or concert, following pool therapy and the like.


The meals for the seniors' club are free of charge and the café will offer affordable prices, gladly subsidizing those who are under the poverty level.


In February 2016 Ezrat Avot moved into the third floor entry level of the new Center and construction continues. The completion of the Center will take time but current programs will continue uninterrupted and each new program will be made available as soon as the facility and special equipment are installed.


You can be a part of this ambitious and exceptional project that will alter the lives of seniors who have long been neglected, broadening the scope of their lives, elevating their dignity and providing necessities that have long been outside their grasp.


Your donation is not just a charitable gift of the moment, it is a gift that extends well into the future and, at long last, will bring comfort to those who suffered the difficult years of establishing and developing our Land.


Donations and dedications can be made in memory of a loved one or to honor the merit of someone admired.


A lovely plaque in the Center's entrance lobby will list the names of donors and an individual plaque will be placed at the entrance of each dedicated room of the Center.


The Entry Activity Room, Synagogue, Study Hall and the Library have already been sponsored and opportunities remain to dedicate a portion of this Center in one's own name or the name of one to be honored.


To participate in completing the Seniors Health and Life Enrichment Center of Jerusalem, please click here


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