Meals on Wheels

the need and the demand​

The “Meals on Wheels” project is for Holocaust survivors and homebound seniors that don’t have hot and nourishing food. This project is one of our important flagship activities and it is spread across many neighborhoods in Jerusalem. We will not let the sad state of the elderly in Israel that find themselves without food, help and a listening ear to continue.

With the help of our donors and dedicated volunteers we work tirelessly for the homebound that the authorities do not have an adequate response or solution.​

The response​

Nourishing &

healthy meals​

We prepare fresh and nutritious meals being cognizant of nutritional value. The menu accommodates the health needs of the elderly.

Volunteers wash and cut fresh vegetables to assist our chef.

Once the food is cooked, volunteers pack individual meal portions with love.


Every person receives personal attention with meals customized to best suit their dietary requirements. As everyone has their own life story, background and varied medical conditions, so to their nutritional requirements are unique. Needless to say, proper nutrition has a significant impact on mental and physical health. Beyond the nutritional support, the fact that our seniors can see that they are not alone and have someone who cares for them does wonders for their overall wellbeing.​

Home Delivery

In light of their physical condition, many individuals are unable to leave their homes. Through our network of drivers we are able to deliver meals directly to their homes. These dedicated messengers are often the only faces that the recipients see all day…​

Free of charge

Sadly, it is clear that much of the elderly population in Israel is not prosperous, particularly amongst those who are homebound. There are those who have to choose between their food and medical expenses.  Some try to survive on a meager pension that does not meet even their most basic needs. We are here to provide support to allow them

to age with dignityThanks to our donors and volunteers, home delivered meals are provided free of charge.

Our partners

We give heartfelt thanks to the organizations that help us with food products for the meals we prepare

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