Our goals for the Seniors Health and Life Enrichment Center are all-encompassing and will be implemented over time. How fitting that the first event at the Center focuses on the holy work that is the foundation of our work.


The Synagogue, study hall and Sefer Torah were dedicated by Dr. Albert Dreisinger in memory of his dear wife Feiga. The Ohel Feiga Synagogue is on the third level of the Center, available to the local community and merchants as well as the seniors who visit the Center.


The dedication of the Ohel Feiga Synagogue

The Inter-generational Chanukah Fair

Here is a snapshot look at our latest event, the intergenerational Chanukah Fair.


The participants enjoyed competing for points through all kinds of fun tasks such as shooting the targets (Greek soldiers), cars race, robot challenge and many more fun activities.


In addition, they enjoyed a tasty hot soup and of course, Sufganiyot.


By the end of the evening we gave the 2 final prizes to the 2 teams who gathered the most points.

All the participants received also golden chocolate coins from the treasure chest they opened after answering the riddles.


In conclusion, it was a fun evening of quality time, lighting the Chanukiyah, music and treats.

We thank all the volunteers who gave so much of themselves to help us with this fair!


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