Dry Goods

the need and the demand​

While many of us celebrate joyfully and with abundance the Sabbath and Holidays, there are many Holocaust survivors and seniors that have no way to provide for their holiday needs.

Many of them are academic pensioners with numerous accomplishments achieved over their lifetime. It never occurred to them that at this stage of their lives they would find themselves in a dilemma where they need to choose between expenses for food, medicine or rent.

A high percentage of them are holocaust survivors.

We will not stand by allowing that after a lifetime of hardships, when finally reaching the holy land, they find themselves without food or support once again.

The response​

With the help of our dedicated donors and volunteers, we distribute to the elderly across the city of Jerusalem a parcel of basic food products for the Sabbath and Holidays. For The New Year and Passover, we expand our parcel to include a variety of items specific to the needs of the Holiday (honey, matzah, grape juice, etc.). Thus everyone is able to celebrate at a full table.

Dry Goods parcels

No cost

Often when a senior finds themselves in this situation they lack funds to pay even a nominal fee. Participants of the project receive the dry goods basket free of charge.

An additional benefit for many on the day of distribution is the opportunity to maintain social connections with their friends, old and new alike.

Did you know?

Supporting a dry good parcel for a seniors for a mont: $120

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