From today it is easier to support and contribute to the elderly of Jerusalem!

Your contribution is not a one-time donation, but a long-term investment,

you are part of building Jerusalem and in the Center that will serve future generations as well

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To transfer a credit card donation over the phone, you are invited to call our office: 02-582-9984

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Bank Transfer

Israel Bank Transfer:

Name: Ezrat Avot 

Bank: Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Branch: 458

Account: 380353 


IL79 0204 5800 0000 0380 353

Check / Cash

Jerusalem Address:

Ezrat Avot

P.O.Box 23280, Jerusalem, 9773308

Israel Tax Exempt No. 580044410

Some Numbers

U.S. Bank Transfer:


American Friends of Ezrat Avot

Account: 6554413

Columbia Savings Bank,

221271935 02

We would be happy to send those interested a pre-paid envelope to save on mailing costs.

U.S. Address:

American Friends of Ezrat Avot

U.S. Tax Exempt No. 11-3113560

Dry good parcels for

a lonely Senior:

for a month: $ 120 

for a year: $ 1,450 

Social activities

at the Center:

for a year: $ 340 

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Credit Card by Telephone

Nourishing meals for

a lonely Senior:

for a month: $ 225 

for a year: $ 2,700 

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