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Ezrat Avot was founded by Rabbi Shlomo Gamliel who made Aliyah to Israel with the “Magic Carpet” operation. At the age of 106, seeing all the sorrows and poverty from which his neighbors suffered, he decided to open a soup kitchen in his own home.

His granddaughter, Naomi Sharabi was his faithful helper in preparing and serving the meals and in organizing programs for the elderly.


As time passed and the news about this small center spread, more and more elderly from different neighborhoods began to attend, additional space was therefore required to accommodate this growth.


In 1976 the organization Ezrat Avot – a nonprofit was officially founded.

Throughout the four decades since its founding Naomi Sharabi has served as the Executive Director of Ezrat Avot as was her grandfather’s wish.

Center's goals

Our goals


  • To meet the everyday needs of the elderly in order to help them age with dignity in the privacy of their own home and to lighten the burden of their families


  • To provide a warm and friendly environment for social interaction, offering activities and the ability to make new friends, in order to ward off isolation and loneliness.


  • To provide the necessary support and strength required for seniors to remain independent in their own homes.  Seniors will be able to depend on a permanent Health and Life Enrichment Center providing needful information and counsel to help them with all issues that affect their lives.

The innovative “Senior Health and Life Enrichment Center” is under construction. This exceptional Center will provide unprecedented welfare, social, cultural and medical services for the elderly of broader Jerusalem.


To mention a few: nutritional guidance, exercise and fitness especially designed for the elderly, enrichment programs, lectures and continued education, weekly food packages for the local seniors, and meals on wheels for the homebound.


The Center will provide a café to meet with friends and a wide range of therapies will be provided including a pool and outdoor gardening as well as a hairdressing parlor to lift ones spirit.


A synagogue and study hall is an important part of the Center.


The Center is located on Golda Meir Boulevard which is one of Jerusalem's main thoroughfares and is adjacent to the Ramot Mall, second largest in Jerusalem, with bus lines available from every direction. The elderly will be naturally drawn to this location for a one-stop solution to their daily needs and to take advantage of all the services available through the Center.


Transportation and traffic patterns will make it possible to reach the Center quickly and effectively.


The Center will be a meeting place for people of various cultural backgrounds, drawing them together to broaden their life perspectives and foster unity midst their divergent traditions.


Center Goals


  • To strengthen community support for the elderly


  • Enable the elderly from different cultures to age with dignity in their own homes.


  • Encourage community volunteering


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