Our Main Goals:


  • To meet the everyday needs of the elderly in order to help them age with dignity in the privacy of their own home and to lighten the burden of their families


  • To provide a warm and friendly environment for social interaction, offering activities and the ability to make new friends, in order to ward off isolation and loneliness.


  • To provide the necessary support and strength required for seniors to remain independent in their own homes.  Seniors will be able to depend on a permanent Health and Life Enrichment Center providing needful information and counsel to help them with all issues that affect their lives.


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Caring Through the generations


Since 1976

Purim cards

Mishloach Manot

Purim is a fun holiday and we enjoy giving Mishloach Manot to neighbors and friends.

It’s a pleasure and we enjoy it – but do they really ‘need’ it?


Young people with busy lives may not know people truly in need.

                We do! At Ezrat Avot - We know many


Take a moment from preparing for festivities to make a donation

to the elderly and poor truly in need.


You will enjoy your own holiday even more knowing you have brightened

the day for someone who really needed that touch of thoughtfulness!​


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